Here are the services we offer

General maintenance

For commercial redecorating, painting, repainting, refurbishing and general maintenance of your commercial premises or offices we can provide you with a high quality finish for a very competitive and reasonable cost.

Office cleaning

As a cleaning company we provide excellent service to all our customers, working with high standards to deliver a professional services at any time. We ensure your office looks clean and tidy every single day to have a healthy and confortable environment to work in.

Daily cleaning Proposal


  • Dust all furnishings and fittings.
  • Dust all desks, chairs, cabinets, shelves.
  • When dusting desk tops all items to be placed back where found.
  • Thoroughly clean all telephones.
  • Dust wipe conference table, removing all smudges and smears.
  • Remove finger marks from glass partition, doors and doors frames.
  • All carpets and rugs to be vacuum cleaned.
  • Empty waste bins and replace bin liners from client's stock where appropriate.

    Carpet cleaning

    To provide an excellent cleaning we use the most efficient products and equipment to remove from it all marks and stain that has been left for long periods of time. We make sure your carpet is kept in good condition and free of bacteria's and dust mites, the materials we apply are 100% chemically safe, with natural pH to protect the carpet's fibres.


    A periodical cleaning aimed at more specialist areas.